DAOLaunch has signed to support the realization of the NFT x JAZZ concert.

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DAOLaunch Ltd. (Co-Funder Sakuro Imayama), which operates the decentralized crowdfunding “DAOLaunch”, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Executive Committee (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) hosted by the musician Ryudo Uzaki as the general producer.

The Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival has already succeeded in the world’s first demonstration experiment of NFT x JAZZ concert, and by utilizing I-NFT (Incentive NFT) that can be published at DAOL launch in the future, the Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival’s philosophy “Through music”. We support the realization of “town revitalization”.

The Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival is linked to various festivals in the Chiyo-ku area through music. As an activity to revitalize the town of Chiyo-ku through music, it has a history of 15 years overcoming the postponement due to a large typhoon and corona damage. In addition, we watched the “Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Online” held last year, and the Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Executive Committee, including Usaki Nishido, and Corona Sada, also made web promotions and online booklets. We have signed a partnership as a supporter this time, in support of the appearance of the students of the Meiomachizukuri Dojo, which was devoted to the festival, and the high quality and feelings of the people involved in the Ochanomizu Jazz Festival.

In addition, the “new use case of NFT” provided by DAOLaunch is very great not only for the Ochanomizu JAZZ festival but also for artists who want to deliver music and art to the world, as well as those who distribute online. We will continue to provide continuous support while pursuing various possibilities as we generate new synergies for online distribution.

NFT x Jazz Concert

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a type of the token issued on the blockchain like Bitcoin and other crypto assets, and is used for digital data that can be easily copied by blockchain technology. It is attracting attention as a technology that can add asset value and create new markets by proving the correct owner.

In the early days of NFT, many of them are still used to give identifiers to digital art, and there are cases where the digital art is priced at hundreds of millions of yen, but NFT has more than the above examples. Various use cases are also coming out.

One of them is a mechanism that converts the viewing right of online live video into an electronic ticket (NFT ticket), and even if the purchaser of the NFT ticket resells it, the artist can receive a part of the resale price.

DAOLaunch allows artists and event organizers to easily issue and secondary distribute the above NFTs and sell them all over the world. In addition, since unique tokens issued at the same time and NFT-ized tickets can be bought and sold in the free market (secondary market), both the organizer and NFT ticket purchasers can receive great benefits, a completely new decentralized type. That is supposed to be a crowdfunding mechanism.

NFT is issued by utilizing the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards of the Ethereum blockchain and has the following advantages.
Uniqueness: All NFTs have identifiers, and it is possible to issue a unique or limited number of tokens. Also, due to the technical characteristics of the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with or duplicated.
Ownership: By recording the owner on the blockchain, it is possible to prove the owner on digital data. In addition, even if the owner is transferred, all the history is recorded.
Secondary Market: It is possible to buy and sell with crypto assets, to create a secondary market for P2P. It is also possible to automatically distribute a part of the profit to the NFT issuer when the owner is transferred by the smart contract.

What is Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival?

Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Executive Committee last year

The 1st Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival in 2007, led by musician Ryudo Uzaki, lyricist Suzuko Aki, and Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival executive committee (Rakuyukai: Light Music Circle OB Association, etc.) with the concept of “town revitalization through music”. Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival and Meiji University collaborated for the 14th time, which contributes to the “creation of attractive local communities” as part of Chiyoda Ward’s town development.

In addition, with this JAZZ festival at the core, we will collaborate with the Chiyoda Ward regional event groups held every fall, such as the Ochanomizu Meikei-dori Association, the Chiyoda Music Association, the Kanda Sports Store Liaison Council, the Kanda Suzuran-dori Shopping Street, and the Kanda Koshoten Federation. We are working to revitalize the town using music, and to develop and continue as a larger community activity.

Then, since 2020, based on the new concept “Connecting to the world from Ochanomizu, Chiyoda-ku,” efforts to connect the region and the world began, leading to many overseas people “knowing Ochanomizu, Chiyoda-ku.”, we will continue to take on positive challenges by valuing the relationships with all the people involved.

Reference image production: Meidai Town Development Dojo Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Team
* Performers held last year
▼ 13th Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival Online Performing Artist:
・ Lisa Kono
・ Hanzaki Miko with One Night Jam Session Band
・ Yukko Mirror
General Producer: Uzaki
Organizer: Tea Water JAZZ Festival Executive Committee

About DAOLaunch

DAOLaunch is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that connects challenging entrepreneurs and individuals directly on the blockchain to support investors, allows anyone across national borders to seamlessly create and support new economic zones.

Investors will record past investment performance on a unique NFT token, allowing individual investors to prove their investment performance on the blockchain and brand themselves, and everyone will be able to invest. For the first time in the world, we will implement the “Decentralized Venture Capital Concept” that can gain influence and transmission power accordingly.

In addition, entrepreneurs/individuals who want to take on challenges can freely manage incentives for issuing unique tokens, raising funds, listing, and token holders on DAOLaunch. Moreover, incentives can be freely set on DAOLaunch as NFTs. It is possible to issue and develop a secondary market of incentives.

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